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Welcome to Chi-Rap


100% Chicago, The Windy City, The Second City, Chi-town, or Chi-Raq. Hip-Hop is the culture Rap is the music and Chicago’s contribution to the world of Rap continues to contribute  to hip-hop’s legacy. Chicago has a rich hip-hop history that dates back to the early ’90s, when its two most prominent artists ”Common and Twista”landed deals and released their debut albums. Chi-Rap has everything from the rachet to the real, from the million dollar video production to the hood production with a cell phone. This is your chance to showcase your videos to the world Chicago just email us a link to your best videos.

If you are an aspiring artist or an established rapper from greater Chicago area

we will post your videos for free, videos are listed by date and popularity so share

to all of your social media for the good of all Chicago area artist!

Warning some of the video’s on this site are graphic, they contain language, violence and sexual situations of an adult nature. These video’s in our opinion do not cause this type of behavior but are they result of the things the artist hear and see and feel all around them. So don’t be judgmental, be understanding and through understanding change for the better can be attainable. Maybe the shocking words and images are to get someone to listen!


There of course are costs to running such a large website, here are ways you can help:






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